Pam Davy has put numerous dancers on division 1 and 2 college Pom squads. At the moment she has one on OU and four on OSU Pom. Many of the dancers have been captains. 

OU - Katie Mann Huckerson, Jessica Carswell Thompson, Whitney Nelms Duty, Brooke Adcock, and Hannah Quisenberry

OSU - Jackie Shoup Theobald, Samantha Mahan Bassett, Chantel Lawrence, Bethany Andrews, Hallie Light, Halee Simpson, Carlye Kennedy, and Kamri Light

UCO - Summer Kirby Shelton, Nicole Crowl, Carly James, Chandler Davy, Hailey Hyden, Jill Hundley, Katie Sams, and Sarah Sams

NSU - Christy Pingleton, Kyle Thornton Hicks, Brianna Eldridge Lane, Devin Basinger, Maggie Homer, and Kimblery Timmons, 

EOSC - Kendall Tapscott

ECU - Caity Nelms Barr

CSU - Mckenna Smith 

OKC Thunder - Alexis Banks